Excel Template Contract Management

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Whether private or professional, we enter into contracts everywhere. Whether it’s a rental agreement or an employment contract, contracts have become an integral part of our lives.

But do we have a real overview of them?

Do we know exactly what the notice periods are and how much we really spend on contracts each month?

Exactly for this purpose I have created a small contract management in Excel.

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Monthly Calendar for 2021

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If you prefer a monthly overview of the year 2021, you can download the monthly calendar 2021 here. I have prepared it as an Excel file as well as a PDF file.

As the name suggests, the Excel template is divided into months, so it stands to reason that the file contains 12 worksheets or registers. One for each month. In the lower part you can add notes for the month in general.

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Full Year Calendar for 2021

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For the coming year 2021, I will, as usual, provide the appropriate templates for Excel in good time so that nothing stands in the way of planning.

With Excel, not only tables and formulas can be calculated, but the program can also be used for design purposes. As for example for the representation of calendars of any kind. Here you can find different yearly calendars for 2021.

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Vacationplanner 2021

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For 2021 I present a free holiday planning for smaller companies and staff.

At the time of publication, however, the topic “Corona” is still in the air and for many people the prospect of going on holiday (at least for 2020) is very much clouded. Even if the borders in Europe are open again and holiday destinations are reachable; the report on television about the flights already made makes me stay at home rather: Airplanes are completely booked out and are accordingly full. Sufficient protection is not to be thought of.

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Schedule excel template

Of course, there are now many ways to plan appointments that do not rely on paper and pencil or a diary book, but are kept digitally. But at the craftsman or hairdresser next door, not everything has to be state-of-the-art. The trade does not suffer from this – it is only about scheduling work or services that should be fixed in time.

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2020 Full Year Calendar Excel Template

Banner Calendar 2020

With Excel, not only tables and formulas can be calculated, but the program can also be used for design purposes. As for example for the representation of calendars of any kind. Here you will find various annual calendars for 2020.

On a usual “Letter” page, 12 months are clearly divided into three rows and four columns. To make the individual months and days of the week easier to read, they have been highlighted in colour (blue, orange or green). There is something for every taste.

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Password Generator

Surely you haven’t missed out on the fact that meanwhile everything possible is to be secured with a password. And of course it must always be a new one, so that in the event of a data leak, hackers cannot log on to other services with the password they got.

Who makes the mistake and chooses a password, which appears in the following list, should not be surprised if his account is hacked.

Here are the Top-20:

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Book Collection List

Banner book-inventory

You like to read and read often? Then you certainly (just like me) have a large stock of books and like to lose the overview. Exactly for this case I have created an Excel template, which should remedy the situation:
Enter all your books in one file in a book list!

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Monthly Calendar 2020

Banner Calendar 2020 Excel

In this article I offer you a monthly calendar for 2020 as Excel template and as PDF for free download. As always you can download this template without registration or login.

The calendar consists of 12 Excel worksheets (or registers), one for each month. In the lower part, you can make a few important comments in the Notes section.

In contrast to my weekly or annual calendar, there is more or less space here. If you like it more detailed, you should go back to the calendar in the weekly view.

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Editorial Planner 2020

For 2020 the following editorial planner has been created with Excel.

As always free of charge and downloadable without registration. Download the corresponding file below (either as a normal Excel file or the Excel template file) and open it with your Excel program. The free alternative OpenOffice should also be able to handle the templates.

After opening, you will find a main worksheet in which all months from 2020 are already prepared with the respective days and holidays. Now you can coordinate tasks, campaigns, authors, news, blog entries, contributions for Facebook, Twitter etc. in the columns next to it.

All in all, a comprehensive marketing plan for the coming year.

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Weekly Planner 2020

You want to plan every day of the week for 2020 with Excel? No problem with this free calendar as Excel template.

Each week is created as a Letter 8,5×11 sheet and can be printed out separately or (if you prefer it analogous) completely for the whole year. Of course one can lead its week-planning with Excel.

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Vacationplanner 2020

The holiday planner for the current year (2019) has proved to be extremely popular and of course the holiday calendar for 2020 should not be missing! That’s why I’ve already started to create it.

A holiday planner is extremely helpful.

On the one hand, it helps the company or a department to make sure that someone always holds the position and that not all employees are suddenly on holiday. Well, there can always be cases of illness, but this is another construction site ?

On the other hand, a timely blocking of the own vacation can ensure that one uses his vacation days efficiently: Thus one can make by consideration of the holidays with 8 days 2 weeks vacation. As for example with use of Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The new template for holiday planning 2020

In the last Excel files for the planning of the holidays, I have also taken the following year into account in order to guarantee planning beyond the turn of the year. This is also the case in the current planner.

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Break-Planner with excel

There can be a break schedule for different purposes

  • for the break planning of employees of a department, where always a person must be present, e.g. in order to ensure the telephone contact of customers, and
  • for the recording of break times for employees and workers who take their breaks themselves but have to record them.

For these 2 purposes I have prepared different break schedules in Excel, which hopefully will be useful for future break planning.

Screenshots of the break-planner for employees to plan and record breaks

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Binder label template with excel

2019 has just started and this is a good opportunity to create new folders for documents and to clean out the old ones.
Labelling the back of the folder is a very difficult task. If you just try it by hand, it usually doesn’t look good. Especially if you put several folders next to each other, it doesn’t look professional and correct.
That’s why I created these templates: Signs and labels that you can glue to the folders.
Simply download the corresponding template, change the text (date and area of use), print it out and cut it out with scissors.
And you have already realized a great and neat labeling of your folders!

Screenshots of the label-template for folder and binder

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Vacationplanner 2019

Holidays for 2019 are still a long way off, but some companies need to plan for the long term to avoid understaffing. For this case, I have updated the vacation planner 2018 to 2019.

Update: There is a new planner for 2020.

Unlike the last vacation plan, this time there are three instead of two worksheets. Two for the year 2019 and one for the first six months of 2020. Thus, the holidays for the New Year or New Year can also be recorded immediately.

On the first two worksheets you will find 6 months each with the individual days of the week and room for 7 employees. You can print the sheets and mark with color or characters (for example, a cross or a dash) on which days which employee is on vacation.

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Moving Checklist with Excel

You have to move to a new house or flat? You can quickly panic and forget something!

Here are some key points of the checklist for a move:

  • Signing the lease of the new apartment (and making sure that the landlord has also drawn against effective tenancy agreement)
  • cancel old apartment (by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt)
  • It is best to inform of your moving the landlord in advance (optional)
  • If you would like to have compensation payments for kitchen or installations, you should announce this urgently before
  • Clarify renovation conditions with landlord (so that there are no surprises during the transfer)
  • Organize relocation with moving company
  • Commission service providers or obtain offers
  • Or organize the moving yourself (with friends, acquaintances, family for a specific time)
  • Pack boxes
  • Clear the basement (and other things too?). There are Facebook groups to give or sell for your home and surroundings.
  • Schedule renovations with craftsmen or create a timetable for the work, if you do it yourself – maybe even submit a holiday?
  • Make a holiday request for moving day(s)
  • Reading of your meter readings (gas, electricity)
  • Unsubscribe from gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • Re-registration of Telekom and Internet
  • Registration at the old / new place of residence
  • Registration of utility service providers at the new place of residence
  • Change your address at the local post-office
  • Take measurements from your new rooms
  • Take care of your kids – organize school records

On the whole so much work!

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Insurance Management with Excel

Every one of us has insurance contracts. Depending on your country there are many types of insurance:

  • health insurance
  • pension insurance
  • car insurance
  • liability insurance
  • social insurance
  • accident insurance
  • disability insurance
  • life insurance
  • house insurance
  • even insurance for funeral expenses already exists

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Wine Cellar Inventory Management

A wine cellar is something very special. Anyone who deals intensively with the subject of wine, whose wine stock will become larger and larger in a short time. Quickly comes the question, how to manage a private wine cellar best?

My research showed that there are three groups of wine lovers and collectors:

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Company Visitor List

The company-reception, porter or security has to record who, when and for how long a visitor stays in the company, the museum or another institution. Therefore a company-visitor-list is very helpful I think. so I build one 😉

It’s really simple. Download the excel-sheet or pdf, print it out and fill it out each time a visitor is coming to your company or institution. Don’t forget to let it sign by that guest.

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Transfer excel-list for out of office replacement

In addition to the holiday planner, an out of office list for holiday replacement is also very useful. With this template, you can record all the important things to do during your absence.

In addition, you give your representation the possibility of recognizing via the transfer list

  • what the project status is,
  • how the contacts are called and how best to reach them.
  • Which meetings visited and
  • which deadlines have to be met.
  • As the access data are and
  • whether a key handover is necessary.

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Trip Planner – Summer Break MS Excel Template

The Trip Planner (Summer Break) free MS Excel template is a specialized trip planner template that is tailored for a summer break. Whether you are a group of friends or a family, if you plan to go to the sea, surfing, or sailing, the Trip Planner (Summer Break) Excel template will make planning fun and easy. It helps you estimate the costs and avoid surprises.

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Video-Tutorials For Excel

Excel is still an integral part of professional life. Although there are some other online tools for collecting and analyzing data, Excel will still play a role.

So if you want to expand and develop your knowledge of Excel, these video tutorials from Udemy will probably help you.

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Telephone Notes as Excel Template

A few days ago somebody asked me for a telehone-notes-template. Thanks for that hint! I could swear I did that template already, but I didn’t.

So here we go with a telephone message template. It is free and easy to handle. Just download it, open with Excel or Adobe Reader (PDF) and print it. Now you can put that sheet right to your phone and you won’t forget about what to ask during the phone-call.

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Step by Step Idea Planner Template

Having a great idea is good and brainstorming is always necessary to shape an idea and make it work. But in the fast-evolving environment of today’s markets, it is also necessary to approach a good idea with a great plan. Our free Step by Step Idea Planner MS Excel template helps you to do just that. It helps you to solve the problem methodically by first describing your objectives and goals, setting a due date, detailing the necessary steps involved, and then assigning the tasks to different individuals. It has also a resource list where you can consolidate all the external resources you and your team are using for this project so that you have a better overview and access to them.

This free Excel workbook is, while highly functional, is very easy to work with and features a minimalistic design and appearance. All in all, it takes a minimal time to learn how it works and will be productive and efficient from the start. It is also print-ready and can be printed with one click.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Step by Step Idea Planner Excel Template:

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Basic Invoice Template

The Basic Invoice free MS Excel template is a visually pleasant and print ready workbook for creating invoices. Being a basic invoice template isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Quite to the contrary, this is the most valuable virtue of this Excel template. It saves time and nerves and helps you manage your finances.

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Activity Log Template

Free Excel templates are great, but they are not great enough if they don’t help to improve our health.

According to the American Heart Association, one should have at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. This can also be substituted with 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. The Amercian Heart Association continues that physical activity boosts mental wellness, improves physical health, and prolongs one’s optimal health and life.

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Workout Log Free MS Excel Template

Living a healthy life is paramount to professional and private success and in addition to a healthy food, doing sports is one of the pillars of achieving such a goal. Our free Workout Log MS Excel template will help you to keep track of your daily activity and the calories burnt. Please keep in mind that based on your age, profession, and general health conditions, different types and amounts of activities will yield the best possible results. So it is necessary to have a way to plan ahead, track what you’ve planned and adjust it periodically.

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Trip Planner Template

This time, we are going to present the Travel Planner MS Excel template. Those of you who travel a lot, whether for business or leisure, know very well that there are a lot of small details (and some big ones) that can get overlooked and in effect ruin a supposedly beautiful and fruitful travel. After all one’s mind can remember only that much. The solution? Planning.

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Ticket Sales Tracker MS Excel Template

Have you ever hosted and managed an event where tickets are sold for participants? You can always outsource the job or use some online service, but for small events that are hosted by a family or a family run small business, it is in many cases better to keep it local and handy.

Our Ticket Sales Tracker free Microsoft Excel template helps you to easily track different types of sold tickets and the resulting income.

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Employee Absence Tracking Template

Every company, whether it has 5 or 5 thousand employees, needs to track the absence and availability of its personnel. This enables the company to pay its employees fairly, avoiding any disputes, and keep record of their overall performance and availability over time.

There are many software out there that streamline this process for the human resource department of middle to enterprise-sized companies, but these solutions are expensive and add too much complexity and overhead. Small business owners and startups with a few employees need a simple and effective way to keep track of their employees’ absence and this is why we publish this week the free Employee Absence Tracking Calendar Microsoft Excel template.

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Birthday List Template

Remembering the birthday of every friend, family member and sometimes even co-workers is quite difficult and can get out of hand. You can keep it to social media like Facebook which help you greatly to keep up with a growing network of friends, but not everybody is on Facebook and there are those who you may wish to give a special treatment at their birthdays. In some smaller working environments, it is seen as rude or unsocial to forget a colleague’s birthday.

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Class Scheduler Excel Template

Keeping up with one’s schedule in school is essential, not only in receiving a decent education and the first building blocks for life, but also in learning discipline and getting organized. Years ago, I remember when visiting school, we had those nice tables and spreadsheets on the back or inside of the cover of our notebooks and every semester I filled it with my new class schedule.

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Weekly Meal Planner Microsoft Excel Template

This week, I like to introduce one of my most favorite Excel templates, namely the Weekly Meal Planner. A friend of mine recently asked me to create an Excel template for his wife, a proficient Excel user herself, to help her in her weekly task of putting together a meal plan for the whole family.

The initial template wasn’t as huge as this free Excel template, and had only a fraction of its current functionality, but fortunately, I received very much appreciated positive feedback from my friend’s wife and was encouraged to build on it. The free MS Excel template that follows is the result of many iterations and adjustments to create a functional but at the same time easy to use template.

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4 Week Project Timeline Microsoft Excel Template

Managing more than a few projects at the same time is quite a feat that can bring you headaches. People usually forget meetings, miss deadlines and end spending more time managing than doing actual work. This is where the overhead becomes more than the real work and you won’t be productive anymore and start wasting your own and your teammates valuable time down the road.

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Time Sheet Microsoft Excel Template

Managing one’s time or one’s employees times can turn into a hassle that takes too much time and makes you unproductive. In this week’s free Excel template we present you another workbook that enables you to keep track of your own weekly working hours or those of your employees.

This MS Excel template is very easy to use and saves you the complications of sophisticated worksheets that take a whole day to learn how they work.

Have a peek at the clean and minimalistic style of the Time Sheet Excel Template:

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A Comprehensive Guide on Free Excel Templates for Startups

In the last few days, I was busy researching different options that would help young business startups get up and running their new venture and therefore we didn’t publish our weekly free excel template last week.

But to make up for what we missed last week, I’ve come up with a thorough post about using free MS Excel templates readily available on the market, and some free MS Word templates too for that matter, which will help you pave the way for your seed to grow, bloom and survive in an increasingly competitive market.

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Simple Loan Calculator MS Excel Template

Keeping up with one’s financial calculations can get messy, especially when it comes to interest rates and other banking matters. You can always hire an expert consultant to explain everything and run your matters, but sometimes, especially when it comes to simpler loan calculations, it pays off to learn how it works and use some tools to streamline the job.

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Online Sales Tracker Template for Excel

Nowadays, a lot of people have an e-commerce shop, one way or another. It could be a professional e-shop built with Magento or WooCommerce or a smaller one with Shopify.

When these e-shops are just side incomes helping your overall earnings with some extra money, you don’t need any complicated or special accounting software or methods. In fact, such methods or software will cost you extra money and time. Commodities that are very rare these days.

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