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Remembering the birthday of every friend, family member and sometimes even co-workers is quite difficult and can get out of hand. You can keep it to social media like Facebook which help you greatly to keep up with a growing network of friends, but not everybody is on Facebook and there are those who you may wish to give a special treatment at their birthdays.

In some smaller working environments, it is seen as rude or unsocial to forget a colleague’s birthday.

This week, to equip you with the necessary tools to keep up to the task, we introduce the Birthday List Free Microsoft Excel template.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Birthday List Excel Template:

Birthday List Excel Template
Birthday List with Excel
E-Mail Template

Functionalities and how it works

The simple and easy to use Birthday List template, enables you to store your friends’ Name, Birthday, Email, Phone Number, and any additional Notes you care to keep.

Additionally, you can easily send a congratulation email to your friend by clicking on the “Send Email” link, right next to every record. The personal details for the email are automatically extracted from the worksheet and an email template is used which can be easily customized on the same worksheet.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your free Birthday List Excel template and stop missing your friends’ birthdays.

You want to know in how many days the next birthday is? We made another template here: Birthday list with automatic age calculation.

Download your free Excel template “Birthday List” here:

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