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In contrast to the inventory list, this loan list manages the whereabouts or loan of your devices. You can enter up to 10 devices (or extend the list as required) and then assign them to an employee as borrowed.

We have also created a second loan list, which has a very simple structure.

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How does the Excel templates for borrowing devices work?

Borrow List 1

The first Excel file comprises just a single worksheet with the entire 2025 calendar. In the top row, all you have to do is replace the contents of Device 1, Device 2 etc. with the names of the correct devices.

Example: Instead of device 1, you may be using a Canon camera. So write Canon EOS D7. Change the other columns according to the name or generic term of the other items that can be borrowed.

If an employee now wants to borrow one of the devices, look for the row of the current date, enter the name in the “Employee” column and put a cross next to the item that is to be borrowed.

Of course, you can also highlight this in color and do without a “cross”. There is also no reason not to print out the list and manage it by hand.

Note: You can also use the list to make a reservation. This means that your employees can enter their names for the future in order to reserve a specific machine, device or similar for day X / period X. Of course, it can also be used as a tool issue list.

Borrow List 2 (simple)

If you don’t want it to be so complex, you can also use this simple list. Enter the items you want to lend in the “Devices” worksheet. A drop-down menu will then appear on the main worksheet “Borrow list” with these items to choose from. Of course, you can also simply download and print out the PDF version and fill everything in by hand.


Before downloading, here are screenshots of the lists.

Borrow List 2025
Borrow List 2025 (Detail of January)
Simple Borrow List
Simple Borrow List
Dropdown Menu for Devices
Dropdown Menu for Devices

Download the borrowing lists

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