Break Planner with Excel

Employee and staff breaks must be well planned so that parts of the operation are not unmanned. The break planner helps you with this.

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When and how should I use a break planner?

There can be a break schedule for different purposes:

  • for the break planning of employees of a department, where always a person must be present, e.g. in order to ensure the telephone contact of customers, and
  • for the recording of break times for employees and workers who take their breaks themselves but have to record them.

For these 2 purposes, I have prepared different break schedules in Excel, which hopefully will be useful for future break planning.

Break planning for employees to ensure that the office or business is always staffed. Either print blank and fill in analogously (color or enter pause time with arrows) or plan directly in Excel by filling the corresponding cells with a background color.

Screenshots of the break-planner for employees to plan and record breaks

Break Planner Excel
Plan your breaks with Excel

Break protocol for employees and workers to record the break length on a working day and the total breaks in the month by automatic Excel calculation:

Record your breaks with Excel
Record your breaks with Excel

Download your desired break-planner for free

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Here you may find this template in different file formats (.xlsx, .xltx and zip).

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