Vacationplanner 2021

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For 2021 I present a free holiday planning for smaller companies and staff.

At the time of publication, however, the topic “Corona” is still in the air and for many people the prospect of going on holiday (at least for 2020) is very much clouded. Even if the borders in Europe are open again and holiday destinations are reachable; the report on television about the flights already made makes me stay at home rather: Airplanes are completely booked out and are accordingly full. Sufficient protection is not to be thought of.

But I do not want to digress too far, and I hope that in 2021 things will return to normal and that we can enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

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Full Year Calendar for 2021

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For the coming year 2021, I will, as usual, provide the appropriate templates for Excel in good time so that nothing stands in the way of planning.

With Excel, not only tables and formulas can be calculated, but the program can also be used for design purposes. As for example for the representation of calendars of any kind. Here you can find different yearly calendars for 2021.

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Monthly Calendar for 2021

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If you prefer a monthly overview of the year 2021, you can download the monthly calendar 2021 here. I have prepared it as an Excel file as well as a PDF file.

As the name suggests, the Excel template is divided into months, so it stands to reason that the file contains 12 worksheets or registers. One for each month. In the lower part you can add notes for the month in general.

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Editorial Planner 2020

For 2020 the following editorial planner has been created with Excel.

As always free of charge and downloadable without registration. Download the corresponding file below (either as a normal Excel file or the Excel template file) and open it with your Excel program. The free alternative OpenOffice should also be able to handle the templates.

After opening, you will find a main worksheet in which all months from 2020 are already prepared with the respective days and holidays. Now you can coordinate tasks, campaigns, authors, news, blog entries, contributions for Facebook, Twitter etc. in the columns next to it.

All in all, a comprehensive marketing plan for the coming year.

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Monthly Calendar 2020

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In this article I offer you a monthly calendar for 2020 as Excel template and as PDF for free download. As always you can download this template without registration or login.

The calendar consists of 12 Excel worksheets (or registers), one for each month. In the lower part, you can make a few important comments in the Notes section.

In contrast to my weekly or annual calendar, there is more or less space here. If you like it more detailed, you should go back to the calendar in the weekly view.

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2020 Full Year Calendar Excel Template

Banner Calendar 2020

With Excel, not only tables and formulas can be calculated, but the program can also be used for design purposes. As for example for the representation of calendars of any kind. Here you will find various annual calendars for 2020.

On a usual “Letter” page, 12 months are clearly divided into three rows and four columns. To make the individual months and days of the week easier to read, they have been highlighted in colour (blue, orange or green). There is something for every taste.

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Weekly rota with excel

You need a little calendar with an overview of your weekly activities? Here we go: I made an excel-template with a weekly rota. You can write down your goals or todos, appointments and so on.

Just click on the download-link below and you get it for free! Chose between an excel-file, an excel-template-file or a pdf. User with Internet-Explorer please take the zip-file as other files seems to make problems..

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4 Week Project Timeline Microsoft Excel Template

Managing more than a few projects at the same time is quite a feat that can bring you headaches. People usually forget meetings, miss deadlines and end spending more time managing than doing actual work. This is where the overhead becomes more than the real work and you won’t be productive anymore and start wasting your own and your teammates valuable time down the road.

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