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Birthday List Template

Birthday List MS Excel Template

Remembering the birthday of every friend, family member and sometimes even co-workers is quite difficult and can get out of hand. You can keep it to social media like Facebook which help you greatly to keep up with a growing network of friends, but not everybody is on Facebook and there are those who you may wish to give a special treatment at their birthdays. In some smaller working environments, it is seen as rude or unsocial to forget a colleague’s birthday.

This week, to equip you with the necessary tools to keep up to the task, we introduce the Birthday List Free Microsoft Excel template.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Birthday List Excel Template:

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Monthly Household Budget Microsoft Excel Template

Monthly Household Budget MS Excel Template

The Monthly Household Budget free template, helps you to set up your monthly budget professionally, without the need to seek out professional help. Don’t let the easy to use and friendly user interface fool you. It is fully packed with tons of functionalities. In fact, if you are planning to buy a car, save for your retirement, or just want to keep track of how you (or anyone else for that matter) spend your hard-earned money over the month, this free Excel template is one of the easiest and most functional options out there.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Monthly Household Budget Excel Template:

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4 Week Project Timeline Microsoft Excel Template

Managing more than a few projects at the same time is quite a feat that can bring you headaches. People usually forget meetings, miss deadlines and end spending more time managing than doing actual work. This is where the overhead becomes more than the real work and you won’t be productive anymore and start wasting your own and your teammates valuable time down the road.

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Easy and Beautiful Family Budget Planner

Family Budget Planner Template for Microsoft Excel

There are a lot of solutions out there that help, or claim to help, a family to plan ahead and not only plan a better budget with their income, but also save and invest a little bit more. But the truth is that not all families need some extravagant budget planner that need at leas 1 month to learn. An easy to use free Excel Template can be of great help, when fast learning curves and a minimalist’s convenience are what is need most.

Therefore, we have put together the Family Budget Planner free Excel template for you to just enjoy its clean and clutter free interface and have some fun when planning your next budget.

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Flexible Calendar

There is already a yearly calendar and a monthly calendar for 2016 on this blog, but this new template empowers you to choose when to use it.

Flexible Calendar is a versatile Excel template that enables you to use the same 12 month calendar for years to come. You just need to enter the year into the sheet and the calendar will adapt itself automatically.

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Photo Calendar 2016

the calendars for 2016 have been published already (yearly, monthly), but today I present a special one: a photo-calendar with photos in it! You don’t have to put them in by yourself or look in your photo-library. These pictures are made by me during my holidays in differant locations of europe – mostly italy. If you don’t like them, just change it. Right-click on the image with your mouse and chose “change image”. Then chose a different one from your own photos.

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Yearly Calendar 2016

The monthly calendar 2016 and even the vacation-calendar 2016 are already online. Now it’s time for the yearly calendar 2016 as an exceltemplate!

There is nothing interesting to tell about: The template has an overview of all months on a single spreadsheet. Just download it, open it with Excel and print it. Or use it direct in Excel.

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Monthly Calendar 2016

Ok, 2016 is still some time away – but someone will probably need a calendar for next year right now. So here we go: The monthly calendar 2016 with an Excel-template.

Every month is on an extra spreadsheet and can easily filled out. Or print it with your printer and make your entries manually. Just like you want.

The template is free – just download it, open it with your Excel-program – that’s it! No costs.

Screenshot of the template monthly calendar 2016

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Simple Budget Template Household

To have an overview of your finances you need to have a budget-planner for your household. Only this way you can discover where you really spent your money. Sure, you can use a normal pocketbook, but calculate per hand is not as comfortable as an excelsheet. In this excel-template everything calculates automatically. Just fill out the first sheet with your income-data and fixed expenses. Then switch to the month we have and put in the expenses you have.

That’s all..

Overview of the budget-template in excel

Overview of the budget-template in excel

The details of each month of the budget-planner

The details of each month of the budget-planner

Download the Budget-Template for Excel here

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By the way – if you want to have a more detailed version of the household-planner, look here. I’ve already made one.

Weekly rota with excel

You need a little calendar with an overview of your weekly activities? Here we go: I made an excel-template with a weekly rota. You can write down your goals or todos, appointments and so on.

Just click on the download-link below and you get it for free! Chose between an excel-file, an excel-template-file or a pdf. User with Internet-Explorer please take the zip-file as other files seems to make problems..

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Diet Plan as Excel Template

Do you want to lose weight or just maintain records of what you have eaten per week or you are planning to eat? Then this diet plan Excel template is just right for you. Either print the Excel template and write by hand all the foods or do it directly in Excel. Keep track of your eating habits and do not forget to enter everything 🙂

Have a look at the screenshot of the diet plan excel template

Diet plan Excel template

Diet plan Excel template

Download the diet plan template for free

Here you may find this template in different file formats (.xls, .xlsx, .xltx, and zip). Please, the users of Internet Explorer should pay attention to the fact that direct download of .xls files may fail to function in your browser, that’s why you have to choose a zip file.

More diet plan templates in the network

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Monthly Calendar 2015

Summer is not completely over yet, but I have already stumbled across requests for the calendar 2015 as an Excel template 🙂

It is obvious that many companies are/have to plan their new 2015 calendar. Be there. It could be due to vacation planning or production of products and scheduling of goods. Therefore, I have already created an Excel template for calendar 2015 with monthly sheets. An annual overview is on the verge of being completed.

Have a look at the screenshot of the monthly calendar 2015 as excel template

Monthly calendar 2015

Monthly calendar 2015

Download the monthly calendar 2015 template for free

Here you may find this template in different file formats (.xls, .xlsx, .xltx, and zip). Please, the users of Internet Explorer should pay attention to the fact that direct download of .xls files may fail to function in your browser, that’s why you have to choose a zip file.

More monthly calendar 2015 templates in the network

A little research showed that there are other good monthly calendar 2015 templates to download:

Vacation Planner Calendar 2015

As it was already promised in my article in 2013, I have created the vacation planner for the coming year 2015. With this planner you, as a boss, employee or a person responsible for vacation planning, can easily capture all the vacation dates of your colleagues and quickly determine if they could overlap or be available for your employees.

As usual, this template is free.

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Annual Calendar 2015

As it was promised in the article with the monthly calendar, the annual calendar 2015 has been developed as an Excel template. The calendar is created as an overview of all months of the next year on a worksheet. If you carefully look at this template, you will find that it can also be used for years to come: just click on the year and select the image to display a calendar year from the drop down box on the right – that is the new calendar 🙂

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