Create & Customize Your Own Calendar

Today I present my latest calendar: The perpetual calendar with holidays, weeks numbers and own events. In addition, you can specify an exact period for which the Excel calendar should be created. Just enter the data and download your calendar.

How Does The Calendar Work?

  • First select the year (2021, 2022 ..).
  • Then the month you want the calendar to start with and the number of months you want the calendar to contain.
  • Via a checkbox you choose whether the weeks numbers and / or the Christian holidays should be included.
  • Using the color settings you can set your own design for the cell and font color.
  • Last you define your own events like birthday, vacations etc.
  • For one-day things it is enough to enter only the start date, the end date can be left blank.
  • Now click on Create Excel Calendar and you are done – the creation starts and the download box of your browser appears in a short time.

That’s it!

Create Your Own Excel Calendar here

Due to lack of demand, this calendar was unfortunately discontinued.

Instead, you can find an everlasting calendar for download here. Just enter the year above and the weekends and workdays will be entered automatically.

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  1. Brilliant, thank you so much!
    If my South African Rand had any value I would make a donation for sure. May your generosity be blessed in every way. Thanks for sharing.


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