Daily Planner Excel Template

Sometimes you need visual support to get the most out of your day. Exactly for this purpose I have designed a day planner, which reminds little of Excel and focuses more on the actual sense: To divide my day perfectly.

Table of Contents

What does the planner contents?

So that one does not forget, there are different categories:

  1. main goal
  2. what has to be done
  3. in which steps?
  4. which meetings or other periods of time are occupied?
  5. what do I eat today
  6. do I drink enough?
  7. what am I doing for fitness today?
  8. what have I accomplished today?
  9. what do I have to do tomorrow?
  10. general notes

As you can see, everything is thought of!

The planner works easily – download an Excel file or PDF, print it out and fill it in. At the top there is space for the date and the day of the week.

Have fun with it!

Preview of the daily planner

Daily Planner Template
Manage your day with this planner

Download your free copy of the Excel or PDF “Daily Planner” here

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