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Surely you haven’t missed out on the fact that meanwhile everything possible is to be secured with a password. And of course it must always be a new one, so that in the event of a data leak, hackers cannot log on to other services with the password they got.

Who makes the mistake and chooses a password, which appears in the following list, should not be surprised if his account is hacked.

Here are the Top-20:

  1. password
  2. 12345678
  3. 123456789
  4. baseball
  5. football
  6. qwertyuiop
  7. 1234567890
  8. superman
  9. 1qaz2wsx
  10. trustno1
  11. jennifer
  12. sunshine
  13. iloveyou
  14. starwars
  15. computer
  16. michelle
  17. 11111111
  18. princess
  19. 987654321
  20. corvette

You can find the list here:

So it makes sense to choose an extra-ordinary password. But unfortunately the search is not so easy. Some recommend to create a password set related to the account and then use the first letters:

I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends.

This results in the following password:


In addition, there are websites that generate such words online. On you can also find a list with which you can manage your words.

But we want to come to our password with a completely different possibility. A generator consisting of random values in Excel cells.

This generator consists of a table with 10 on 10 cells. In each cell, a pair of characters is automatically generated. If you now print out this table, you can use a marker to generate a password for a specific purpose. It is best to hide this analogous list in a secret place.

Password Generation with Excel
Your personal password-list

Adjustment of the values of the password generator

By the way, the characters in the cells are taken from a list that is also in the Excel file. If you scroll a bit to the right into the column “Z” you can see them. There you can add other characters or delete values. The generator should still work then.

Screenshot of the generator for random characters in Excel

Passwords with random data
Passwords with random data


Download your free Excel-template “password-generator”

Here you will find the download links for your password-excel-file:

This list in german.

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