Expense Report MS Excel Template

The Expense Report free Microsoft Excel template helps you keep track of your expenses when on a business trip. It is also print ready so that you can send it directly to your superior. The minimalistic design and the overview it offers remind you of the costs without occupying too much of your time and energy.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Expense Report Excel Template:

How it Works:

There is some basic information that needs to be filled just once for the expense report to work. These fields include but are not limited to Purpose, Start Date, End Date, Mileage Rate, Meal Rate (per day), and Hote Rate (per night).

Every expense entry in the Expense Report Excel template has the following fields:

  • Date
  • Account
  • Description
  • Hotel
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Start (mile)
  • End (mile)
  • Mileage (is filled automatically)
  • Other
  • Total (is filled automatically)

You don’t need to fill every field when adding a record but it is sufficient to add just the relevant ones. The system will sum up and calculate the expenses for you and will show it neatly at the top of the Excel Workbook in a detailed way where every expensed category is separated.

The best way to learn how this free Excel template works is to download it and look at the example data that is already there. Have fun!

Download your free Excel template “Expense Report” here:

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