Flexible Calendar

There is already a yearly calendar and a monthly calendar for 2016 on this blog, but this new template empowers you to choose when to use it.

Flexible Calendar is a versatile Excel template that enables you to use the same 12 month calendar for years to come. You just need to enter the year into the sheet and the calendar will adapt itself automatically.

With this flexible calendar you can also choose to start the week on Saturday or Monday. You just need to change one field and the template is smart enough to convert the whole calendar.

The design of the calendar is very chic, clean and pleasing to the eye and it has room for you to add comments for every day.

Preview of the Flexible Calendar Excel template

flexible calendar excel template
Screenshot from Flexible Calendar Excel worksheet As you can see on the top of the sheet, the year and week start day can be changed.

Download your free Excel template “Flexible Calendar” here

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