Free College Course Manager Template for Microsoft Excel

As a student, I never had enough time to spend for managing my stuff. I looked always for new an innovative ways to get my things organized and streamline many aspects of my student life, including my class schedule, my college credits, my income and expenses and the books I had to buy and read.

It wasn’t uncommon to forget something altogether and have to endure its impact on my end semester grades. With this college course manager template for Microsoft Excel I’ve combined a Swiss Knife solution for all this situation and made it available for free to see new students make use of it.

Have a peek at the College Course Manager Excel Template:


How to use the College Course Manager Excel Template

The College Course Manager free Excel Template consist of 4 Worksheets for the following purposes:

1- My Class Schedule (Worksheet name: Term) helps you to have a comprehensive overview of your daily class schedule. You can insert the start time for your classes and the time interval for each class and the table will adjust itself automatically.

2- College Credit Planner (Worksheet name: Credits) helps you to keep track of your needed and earned credits for each course. It is enough to enter your data in a neatly customized table and the results are conveniently shown as progress bars.

3- Budget Tracker (Worksheet name: Budget) helps you to easily calculate and keep track of the last penny you earn and spend. It has 3 tables with your monthly income, monthly expenses and term expenses. The result are calculated and visually shown.

4- Book Tracker (Worksheet name: Books) helps you to remember which books you have to buy and to read.

Download your free Excel template “College Course Manager” here

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