Monthly Calendar for 2022

If you prefer a monthly overview of the year 2022, you can download the monthly calendar 2022 here. I have prepared it as an Excel file as well as a PDF file.

As the name suggests, the Excel template is divided into months, so it stands to reason that the file contains 12 worksheets or registers. One for each month. In the lower part you can add notes for the month in general.

Weekends are grayed out.

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How does the calendar for 2022 work?

As always, I try to keep it as simple as possible so that even Excel laymen can use it. Just download the Excel file at the end of the article and open it with the table-editing program of your choice (probably Microsoft Excel).

Now you can manage your calendar directly in Excel or you can print it out and maintain it in the same way or by hand.

For those who do not have Excel installed or do not have the appropriate software available, you can also download the PDF and print it out with Adobe Reader. Mac users can alternatively use the “Preview” program.

By the way: There is also a simple online Excel from Microsoft and Google (Google Sheets).

Before the download area comes, here is a screenshot of the calendar.

Preview of the monthly calendar 2022

Monthly calendar 2022 (excel)
Preview of the monthly calendar 2022

Download the monthly calendar 2022

Here are the Excel and PDF files:

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Some more calendars I found online

You can find the german version of this calendar here.

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