Moving Checklist with Excel

You have to move to a new house or flat? You can quickly panic and forget something!

Here are some key points of the checklist for a move:

  • Signing the lease of the new apartment (and making sure that the landlord has also drawn against effective tenancy agreement)
  • cancel old apartment (by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt)
  • It is best to inform of your moving the landlord in advance (optional)
  • If you would like to have compensation payments for kitchen or installations, you should announce this urgently before
  • Clarify renovation conditions with landlord (so that there are no surprises during the transfer)
  • Organize relocation with moving company
  • Commission service providers or obtain offers
  • Or organize the moving yourself (with friends, acquaintances, family for a specific time)
  • Pack boxes
  • Clear the basement (and other things too?). There are Facebook groups to give or sell for your home and surroundings.
  • Schedule renovations with craftsmen or create a timetable for the work, if you do it yourself – maybe even submit a holiday?
  • Make a holiday request for moving day(s)
  • Reading of your meter readings (gas, electricity)
  • Unsubscribe from gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • Re-registration of Telekom and Internet
  • Registration at the old / new place of residence
  • Registration of utility service providers at the new place of residence
  • Change your address at the local post-office
  • Take measurements from your new rooms
  • Take care of your kids – organize school records

On the whole so much work!

With the checklist of Excel templates you should always have the overview and forget nothing!

Preview of your moving checklist with excel

Free moving checklist for Excel and PDF
Moving checklist for Excel and PDF

Free download of the moving checklist excel sheet

As usual, these templates are available as xlsx and xltx files as well as zip.

For those who do not want to work with Excel, there is still a PDF to download. This can be opened with the Acrobat Reader and conveniently printed.

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  1. I didn’t receive the moving excel checklist, just something asking me to subscribe which I really didn’t want to do, but it looked like this wasn’t going to move forward without giving you my email, but now there is nothing…..

  2. This comprehensive moving checklist provides a thorough guide for a smooth relocation process. From legalities like lease signing to practicalities like organizing the move, it covers all essential aspects, ensuring a well-planned transition.


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