Online Sales Tracker Template for Excel

Nowadays, a lot of people have an e-commerce shop, one way or another. It could be a professional e-shop built with Magento or WooCommerce or a smaller one with Shopify.

When these e-shops are just side incomes helping your overall earnings with some extra money, you don’t need any complicated or special accounting software or methods. In fact, such methods or software will cost you extra money and time. Commodities that are very rare these days.

To handle this situation, we have created the Online Sales Tracker Excel Template to enable you to easily track and calculate your online sales. It is a clean and visually appealing free Excel template and functions as well.

Have a peek at the Onlie Sales Tracker Excel Template:

online sales tracker excel template
Online Sales Tracker Overview
Sales Tracker Data

How to use the Online Sales Tracker Excel Template

The Online Sales Tracker Excel template consists of one sheet with 2 diagrams and a table. This is how they work:

1- The Product Profit Per Item diagram essentially shows you how much money you’ll earn per item sale. It is also a comparison diagram in the sense that you can see how different products bring you profit compared to each other.

2- The Income Per Product diagram is a pie chart that compares your total income per product to each other. It gives you a very clean and informative overview.

3- The Online Sales Tracker table is the heart of this neat and handy free Excel template. Here is where you enter your different data including “Cost Per Item”, “Percent Markup”, “Shipping Cost” and “Shipping Charge”. There are also other fields that are calculated automatically like “Total Revenue” and “Profit Per Item”.

As you can see, this Excel template is very intuitive and straight forward and doesn’t need much learning.

Download your free Excel template “Online Sales Tracker” here

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