Staff Planner – 5 Excel Templates for Human Resource Planning

Excel templates can help in personnel planning in various ways. The purposes range from simple attendance lists to complex vacation planning and, depending on the size of the company, also around budgeting, training and hiring new employees.

Overall, Excel templates in workforce planning can help streamline workflow, improve employee satisfaction and keep an eye on costs.

The following 5 templates are offered in this article:

  • Time and Attendance Planning: An Excel template to track and plan employee working hours and attendance. This can help prevent overtime, ensure there are enough staff, and distribute work time fairly.
  • Staff Career Development: an Excel template to track the progress of staff career development by scheduling and monitoring training, certifications, and other development opportunities. This can help ensure employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs effectively.
  • Vacation planner: an Excel template to schedule and track employee leave and other absences. This can help ensure that enough employees are present to keep operations running and that employees can use their vacation days when they need them.
  • New Hire Checklist: This can be used to review all of the key items that are important when hiring a new employee. For example, activities for the next few weeks, introduction to the company structures, etc.
  • Calculation of working hours: Of course, the daily or monthly number of hours worked must be recorded. Unless this is done digitally by smart card, this template can help with this.

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Time and attendance staff planning for human resources

Let’s start with a simple attendance list. You can edit this in Excel or print it out and enter everything by hand. There is a worksheet for each month and besides the name you can also enter the department. Enter the appropriate abbreviations for present, sick, etc. and you have a good overview of your staffing levels.

Staff attendance record (Excel Template)
Staff attendance record

Download the free attendance record here:

Staff Career Evaluation Template

The area of staff development is very complex and goes into many areas: training, assessment, recording knowledge, leadership, social behavior, etc.

For starters, I have created a simple template that allows you to record and evaluate various points of the staff. In the summary, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of an employee and can derive training measures.

Screenshot of evaluation of employee
Screenshot of evaluation of employee

Download the evaluation template here:

Vacation Planner Template

Employee vacation planning is very important. Without it, departments might be understaffed or vacation days might be miscalculated. With the following template you get an overview of vacation days of your employees. In addition, you can select your state and automatically all vacations to the corresponding year will be entered. As soon as vacation days are set with “1” in the appropriate date field, this is added in the vacation entitlement and represented in a table. With “0,5” you can also assign half days.

Screenshot of the vacation planner
Part of the vacation planner

On our site there are more vacation planner templates or an absence tracking template.

Download the vacation planner here:

New Hire Onboarding Checklist Template

There are many things to consider when integrating into corporate structures. Not only productivity, but also social integration and the satisfaction and wishes of the “newcomer” must take place.

Of course, this process is different in every company. In a large company, there is much more to consider than in a small company with few hierarchies and departments.

Onboarding checklist for new employee
Onboarding checklist for new employee

Download the checklist for onboarding here:

Other templates for onboarding checklists:

Calculation of working hours – time keeping template

If the recording of working time is not recorded with chip cards or other technology, logging by the employee is necessary. The following template can be used to conveniently enter all data. The hours are automatically totaled. Absence days such as vacation, illness, training, overtime reduction can also be taken into account.

Time keeping template
Time keeping excel template

Download the time keeping template here:

Other templates for time keeping

Other templates for personnel planning on the internet

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