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Yearly Calendar 2016

The monthly calendar 2016 and even the vacation-calendar 2016 are already online. Now it’s time for the yearly calendar 2016 as an exceltemplate!

There is nothing interesting to tell about: The template has an overview of all months on a single spreadsheet. Just download it, open it with Excel and print it. Or use it direct in Excel.

This time I decided to offer more design than just the green one. Feel free to chose between blue, green, orange or gray! There is something after someone’s fancy. Continue reading

Monthly Calendar 2016

Ok, 2016 is still some time away – but someone will probably need a calendar for next year right now. So here we go: The monthly calendar 2016 with an Excel-template.

Every month is on an extra spreadsheet and can easily filled out. Or print it with your printer and make your entries manually. Just like you want.

The template is free – just download it, open it with your Excel-program – that’s it! No costs.

Screenshot of the template monthly calendar 2016

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