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Football World Cup 2018 Playing Schedule

This summer is a special event in the house: The Football World Cup 2018! This time in Russia – but without Italy. For real football enthusiasts (Italians) a real disgrace.

But if Peru should fall out, Italy can move up!

World Cup 2018: Italy dream of sensational reprieve as Peru could be excluded from competition

Well, all speculative – so we prefer to dedicate ourselves to the Excel templates. This time a template to capture the game results. Of course, you can also use the template as a game board to see who plays.

Preview of the football-world-championchip playing schedule

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Weekly Calendar 2018 – Plan Your Week With Excel

So far, there were only the annual and monthly calendar on excel-template.net. Now follows also a weekly overview for the year 2018. One could also use the weekly planner and enter the date there manually, but with this one it is certainly more comfortable 🙂

The application is very simple. Either print the weekly calendar and fill it by hand or you can use it directly in Excel.

Alternatively, the template is also available as a PDF for download. For this you do not need Excel, but only the Reader from Adobe.
So if you have some respect for Excel, you can use the PDF and simply print it out.

Preview of the weekly calendar template for 2018 in Excel

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2018 Full Year Calendar Microsoft Excel Template

Wow, how time runs by, I totally forgot about the calendar 2018!

The 2018 Full Year Calendar features 12 sheets. These sheets belong to every month and have also a place where you can write down some notes. You can put your deadlines in the excel-cells and plan your schedules for business or private.

You can print out the calendar and fill the data per hand for sure.

Have a peek at screenshots from the 2018 Full Year Calendar Excel Template:

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Vacationplanner 2018

Just like last year I offer my vacation-planner 2018 for free.

The use of this planner is simple. Choose the cells from the employee who’s going to be on vacation and mark them with a background-color.

You can just make “x” instead or print it out blank and mark it with a pencil or crayon. No problem 🙂

Change the background of cells for vacation

Change the background of cells for vacation

Screenshots from the excel-template vacation-planner 2018

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