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Do not lose track of your finances. If you use these Excel templates and fill them out conscientiously, they will be a big step ahead of many others. Don’t leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to money!

Easy and Beautiful Family Budget Planner

Family Budget Planner Template for Microsoft Excel

There are a lot of solutions out there that help, or claim to help, a family to plan ahead and not only plan a better budget with their income, but also save and invest a little bit more. But the truth is that not all families need some extravagant budget planner that need at leas 1 month to learn. An easy to use free Excel Template can be of great help, when fast learning curves and a minimalist’s convenience are what is need most.

Therefore, we have put together the Family Budget Planner free Excel template for you to just enjoy its clean and clutter free interface and have some fun when planning your next budget.

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Manage My Money Excel Template

Manage My Money Excel template for a better income management

Manage My Money Excel template helps you to have a better overview about the economy of your income vs. your spending and savings. It is a versatile, but at the same time visually appealing template, where you can enter your income, saving and spending and instantly see how your balance stands.

Manage My Money Excel template also features a pie chart, where you can see your balance at a glance.

This is a very easy to use and beautiful template. It is most suited for singles and students who don’t have a very complicated budget structure, but nonetheless need their income and spending managed.


Preview of Manage My Money template

Manage My Money Preview

Download your free Excel template “Manage My Money” here

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Simple Budget Template Household

To have an overview of your finances you need to have a budget-planner for your household. Only this way you can discover where you really spent your money. Sure, you can use a normal pocketbook, but calculate per hand is not as comfortable as an excelsheet. In this excel-template everything calculates automatically. Just fill out the first sheet with your income-data and fixed expenses. Then switch to the month we have and put in the expenses you have.

That’s all..

Overview of the budget-template in excel

Overview of the budget-template in excel

The details of each month of the budget-planner

The details of each month of the budget-planner

Download the Budget-Template for Excel here

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By the way – if you want to have a more detailed version of the household-planner, look here. I’ve already made one.

Free College Course Manager Template for Microsoft Excel

As a student, I never had enough time to spend for managing my stuff. I looked always for new an innovative ways to get my things organized and streamline many aspects of my student life, including my class schedule, my college credits, my income and expenses and the books I had to buy and read.

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Budget-Planner for College Students

College has almost started and so I had the idea to make a budget-planner for college-students with an excel-template.

My own studies are long ago and everything seems to be more expensive now. No good news for parents who want to support their children with payments for the college. But how much does it really cost? What expenses are there? Continue reading

Personal Budget Planner Microsoft Excel Template

Personal Budget Planner for MS Excel

In this week’s free Excel template, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite templates, namely the Personal Budget Planner. It has a clean and stylish and modern look with a very easy to use interface to do one of the most important, in cases worst handled, tasks.

The perfect appearance makes this free Microsoft Excel template a treat for the eye, so you could look at it just for the fun of seeing it! In addition to that, it’ll provide you with a nice overview of a month’s income, expenses, and savings.

Have a peek at the nice charts of the Personal Budget Planner Excel template:

Excel Template Personal Budget Planner

To get the charts showing relevant data, you have to fill 3 tables in this Excel template. The table and what they do are as follows:

  • Monthly Income: Here you will enter each income you receive during the month separately. It is paramount to enter accurate and relevant data to avoid miss calculations later on.
  • Monthly Expenses: This table is the exact opposite of the Monthly Income table, but the rules are the same. Keep it accurate.
  • Monthly Savings: Here you enter any extra money you were able to save during the month.

Have a peek at the tables of Personal Budget Calculator Excel Template:

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