Vacationplanner 2016

Just like last year I offer my vacation-planner 2016 today for free. You’re right, 2016 seems to be far away. The most of us just has been to holidays – others are packing their luggage 🙂

But some companies have to schedule their employees very early. Google Trends shows this very clear. In October the first users are looking for that kind of material:

Vacation Planner Google Trend

The Google Trend Is Your Friend

Therefor the vacation-planner I decided to make the calendar 2016 very early this year.

It starts in july 2015, so you can use it as well for this year.

Screenshot from the excel-template vacation-planner 2016

Vacation-Planner 2016 Excel-Spreadsheet

Vacation-Planner 2016 Excel-Spreadsheet

Download the excel-template vacation-planner 2016 for free

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This time I offer not only the exceltemplate but also a PDF to download. The PDF is empty so you can fill it out just like you need it by hand without a pc. Apart from that you get the excel-file, the excel-template and the zip like usual.

You find another nice employee-vacation-checker with excel here

11 thoughts on “Vacationplanner 2016

    1. Philipp Post author

      thanks for your tip, but:
      only the first spreadsheet is from July to December 2015.
      The following are for 2016.
      I published this template in 2015, so I included the last month of 2015..
      Kind regards

  1. rita aura

    Informative suggestions . For what it’s worth if you are requiring a WI DoR WI-Z , my secretary filled out and esigned a blank version here

    1. Pete

      it would be the same with feb 29 removed and the name of the year changed!
      There aren’t any days on it…


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