Full Year Calendar for 2021

For the coming year 2021, I will, as usual, provide the appropriate templates for Excel in good time so that nothing stands in the way of planning.

With Excel, not only tables and formulas can be calculated, but the program can also be used for design purposes. As for example for the representation of calendars of any kind. Here you can find different yearly calendars for 2021.

Update: You can find the full year calender 2022 here.

On a letter formatted page, 12 months are clearly arranged in three rows and four columns. To make the individual months and days of the week easier to read, they have been highlighted in color (blue, gray or green). There is something for every taste.

Since no formulas are necessary for a calendar (at least not in this one), it can be easily saved in a PDF by Excel. Therefore I offer the yearly overview as PDF for download in addition to the usual Excel file formats (xlsx).

Using the calendar for 2021

As always, the use of the template is kept as simple as possible. Just download the calendar you want at the end of the article. Choose between the different versions as described above.

After the download, open the file with Excel (or OpenOffice, Calibre Office, Numbers from Apple, etc.). Now you can directly open the print dialog (with CTRL + P or Command + P on Mac) and print the calendar. By default, the common letter format is used. Of course you can also reduce or enlarge the size according to your printer.

If you still want to make changes or adjustments, you can of course do this before printing or fill the calendar only online. It makes sense to store it centrally in the cloud so that other family members can also access it.

Of course, an online calendar would be a good idea in this context. Google Calendar is a good alternative, even with free video conferencing!

Preview of the 2021 calendars

To make your choice easier, here are some screenshots of the Excel templates.

Annual Calendar 2021
Annual calendar 2021 in blue
Annual calendar 2021 Excel grey
Annual calendar 2021
Yearly calendar 2021 Excel in green
Annual Calendar 2021 green

Download the annual calendar 2021 in Excel file format or PDF in different colors

Here are the Excel files:

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For PDF click here:

Some more templates found online

Here are sources I found pretty usefull, too:

The german version of an annual calendar for excel can be found here.

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