Vacationplanner 2021

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For 2021 I present a free holiday planning for smaller companies and staff.

At the time of publication, however, the topic “Corona” is still in the air and for many people the prospect of going on holiday (at least for 2020) is very much clouded. Even if the borders in Europe are open again and holiday destinations are reachable; the report on television about the flights already made makes me stay at home rather: Airplanes are completely booked out and are accordingly full. Sufficient protection is not to be thought of.

But I do not want to digress too far, and I hope that in 2021 things will return to normal and that we can enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

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Vacationplanner 2020

The holiday planner for the current year (2019) has proved to be extremely popular and of course the holiday calendar for 2020 should not be missing! That’s why I’ve already started to create it.

A holiday planner is extremely helpful.

On the one hand, it helps the company or a department to make sure that someone always holds the position and that not all employees are suddenly on holiday. Well, there can always be cases of illness, but this is another construction site ?

On the other hand, a timely blocking of the own vacation can ensure that one uses his vacation days efficiently: Thus one can make by consideration of the holidays with 8 days 2 weeks vacation. As for example with use of Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The new template for holiday planning 2020

In the last Excel files for the planning of the holidays, I have also taken the following year into account in order to guarantee planning beyond the turn of the year. This is also the case in the current planner.

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Duty Roster as Excel Template

Today I have released a duty roster, staff deployment plan or plan of work, depending on the way you want to call it 🙂

The duty roster is divided into 7 spreadsheets – one for each day of the week. There you will find three shifts into which you can enter an employee. As always, this Excel template is free and can be downloaded in different Excel file formats. But first, please, preview.

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Vacationplanner 2019

Holidays for 2019 are still a long way off, but some companies need to plan for the long term to avoid understaffing. For this case, I have updated the vacation planner 2018 to 2019.

Update: There is a new planner for 2020.

Unlike the last vacation plan, this time there are three instead of two worksheets. Two for the year 2019 and one for the first six months of 2020. Thus, the holidays for the New Year or New Year can also be recorded immediately.

On the first two worksheets you will find 6 months each with the individual days of the week and room for 7 employees. You can print the sheets and mark with color or characters (for example, a cross or a dash) on which days which employee is on vacation.

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Break-Planner with excel

There can be a break schedule for different purposes

  • for the break planning of employees of a department, where always a person must be present, e.g. in order to ensure the telephone contact of customers, and
  • for the recording of break times for employees and workers who take their breaks themselves but have to record them.

For these 2 purposes I have prepared different break schedules in Excel, which hopefully will be useful for future break planning.

Screenshots of the break-planner for employees to plan and record breaks

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Weekly Diary

This template is dedicated to Natasha. She sent me an e-mail and was looking for a diary with excel or excel-template. I made a research and found out, that many people are seeking for a spreadsheet with an overview of the week and a small place for notes.

So here we go – this is a very simple excel-template with a weekly diary. Just fill it out in excel or print it and do it manually.

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Project Management with Excel Templates

Those who do not want to deal with an extensive Microsoft project may make the first steps that are important for project management and project planning using these Excel templates. You may divide the project into subtasks and provide it with the date and time. The whole timeline is then plotted on colored background cells of the Excel template. In this template it is offered as an example. In the template there are two spreadsheets for the months of January to June and July to December 2013.

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Weekly rota with excel

You need a little calendar with an overview of your weekly activities? Here we go: I made an excel-template with a weekly rota. You can write down your goals or todos, appointments and so on.

Just click on the download-link below and you get it for free! Chose between an excel-file, an excel-template-file or a pdf. User with Internet-Explorer please take the zip-file as other files seems to make problems..

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Class Scheduler Excel Template

Class Scheduler MS Excel Template

Keeping up with one’s schedule in school is essential, not only in receiving a decent education and the first building blocks for life, but also in learning discipline and getting organized. Years ago, I remember when visiting school, we had those nice tables and spreadsheets on the back or inside of the cover of our notebooks and every semester I filled it with my new class schedule.

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4 Week Project Timeline Microsoft Excel Template

Managing more than a few projects at the same time is quite a feat that can bring you headaches. People usually forget meetings, miss deadlines and end spending more time managing than doing actual work. This is where the overhead becomes more than the real work and you won’t be productive anymore and start wasting your own and your teammates valuable time down the road.

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Time Sheet Microsoft Excel Template

Managing one’s time or one’s employees times can turn into a hassle that takes too much time and makes you unproductive. In this week’s free Excel template we present you another workbook that enables you to keep track of your own weekly working hours or those of your employees.

This MS Excel template is very easy to use and saves you the complications of sophisticated worksheets that take a whole day to learn how they work.

Have a peek at the clean and minimalistic style of the Time Sheet Excel Template:

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Free College Course Manager Template for Microsoft Excel

As a student, I never had enough time to spend for managing my stuff. I looked always for new an innovative ways to get my things organized and streamline many aspects of my student life, including my class schedule, my college credits, my income and expenses and the books I had to buy and read.

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Employee Absence Tracking Template

Every company, whether it has 5 or 5 thousand employees, needs to track the absence and availability of its personnel. This enables the company to pay its employees fairly, avoiding any disputes, and keep record of their overall performance and availability over time.

There are many software out there that streamline this process for the human resource department of middle to enterprise-sized companies, but these solutions are expensive and add too much complexity and overhead. Small business owners and startups with a few employees need a simple and effective way to keep track of their employees’ absence and this is why we publish this week the free Employee Absence Tracking Calendar Microsoft Excel template.

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2017 Monthly Calendar Template – 3 Styles

No full year calendar goes without a matching monthly calendar and after publishing the 2017 Full Year Calendar MS Excel template, we decided to follow with monthly calendars. But this time, we are featuring 3 styles of this free Excel template in just one post: The light, the bold, and the wall styles. While all these templates have the same functionality, the appearance and visual designs are quite different and appropriate for distinct occasions. Needless to say that all of the 3 templates are ready for print.

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