Wedding checklist for Excel – free download

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For the special day – your wedding – I have created a checklist as an Excel template, through which you can perfectly plan the wedding.

At the wedding, you should leave nothing to chance! Therefore, a complete planning is mandatory. Even a forgotten little thing can disrupt the entire process and already the mood tilts, or it even comes to the abortion of the ceremony. But we do not want to imagine the worst. There are always possible solutions.

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Excel Template Contract Management

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Whether private or professional, we enter into contracts everywhere. Whether it’s a rental agreement or an employment contract, contracts have become an integral part of our lives.

But do we have a real overview of them?

Do we know exactly what the notice periods are and how much we really spend on contracts each month?

Exactly for this purpose I have created a small contract management in Excel.

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Cleaning checklist template

In this article you will find a template for Excel with which you can easily check whether all necessary cleaning work has been done. Of course, you can also use the checklist for yourself to work through all necessary cleaning steps step by step. This template is therefore intended for cleaning personnel as well as …

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Book Collection List

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You like to read and read often? Then you certainly (just like me) have a large stock of books and like to lose the overview. Exactly for this case I have created an Excel template, which should remedy the situation:
Enter all your books in one file in a book list!

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Wine Cellar Inventory Management

A wine cellar is something very special. Anyone who deals intensively with the subject of wine, whose wine stock will become larger and larger in a short time. Quickly comes the question, how to manage a private wine cellar best?

My research showed that there are three groups of wine lovers and collectors:

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Birthday List Template

Remembering the birthday of every friend, family member and sometimes even co-workers is quite difficult and can get out of hand. You can keep it to social media like Facebook which help you greatly to keep up with a growing network of friends, but not everybody is on Facebook and there are those who you may wish to give a special treatment at their birthdays.

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Mortgage Excel-Template

This excel-template calculates your mortgage. Just fill out the left side on top of table and the rest will calculated automatically.

For everyone planning to buy a house or flat, this is a really important calculation. Don’t be to optimistic with your financial income. What if you lose your job, what if you have to sell the house because you have to move to another place because of your work? To do you have some extra-money for some unexpected repairs? Don’t forget, that you might need some money for an illness or operation. What about making holidays or paying the college for the children.

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Phone List as Excel Template

When I researched what people search for on my website, I got aware that they need a phone list.  I have decided to complete it quite fast in order to make it available in the shortest time possible. It is very simple, but you have all necessary fields and columns in a common form of …

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To-Do List Excel Template

A to-do list is definitely essential for everyday office use. How could I forget to create such a necessary template! The research results on my website show that people search for “to-do”, “to-do list”. Well, it’s time I created a to-do list Excel template! Have a look at the screenshot of the to-do list excel …

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Free Attendance Record Excel Template

For the control of attendance, I have created an Excel template which can help you check and note the attendance record per peg or initials. In the template for 2022 & 2023 there are 12 spreadsheets with the respective months from January to December 2023 and the corresponding weekdays. For more details, please, refer to …

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Free Cashbook as Excel Template

This cashbook has similar functions to the already published household account book, but it is developed for entrepreneurs and/or companies in which cashbook management is a necessary procedure. This is the point why I have created this Excel template. The cashbook is free and can be downloaded in the section “Download”. It sums expenditures and …

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