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On this site nearly 100 excel-templates can be downloaded for free. Just chose if You want them as .xlsx, .xltx or zip-file. The range of application is private or for business. Take the advantage of an exceltemplate nice designed and ready for use. Just open it, fill out with your data, done!

For personal use the budget planner, the weekly rota, the monthly calendar 2023 or annual calendar 2023 is very interesting. The timekeeping calendar is also very popular.

For Your business time is money: Try out the invoice-template, the interest-calculator, the vacation-planner 2023 or the receipt-template as an exceltemplate. And have a look at the cash-book-template – it’s hot 😉

Latest Excel Templates

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Header for post: 5 templates for better staff planning Staff Planner – 5 Excel Templates for Human Resource Planning - Excel templates can help in personnel planning in various ways. The purposes range from simple attendance lists to complex vacation planning and, depending on the size of the company, also around budgeting, training and hiring new employees.
Header for article "wedding checklist with Excel template" Wedding checklist for Excel – free download - For the special day – your wedding – I have created a checklist as an Excel template, through which you can perfectly plan the wedding. At the wedding, you should leave nothing to chance! Therefore, a complete planning is mandatory. Even a forgotten little thing can disrupt the entire process and already the mood tilts, ...

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Header for article "action plan with excel" Action Plan with Excel - At work and in private life, there are always events that should be planned. For example, the creation of an advertising campaign or planning a party.Of course, nothing should go wrong with this event and all steps should be well planned. To guarantee this with simple means, this Excel template was created.
Header for article:"Birthday list with automatic age calculation" Birthday list with automatic age calculation - A reader expressed the wish for a birthday list, via which one can see how long it will be until the next birthday of a person. In addition, round birthdays should be highlighted in color. Since this template is certainly also interesting for others, I make you available online here. How does the birthday list ...

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What else do you have to know about excel-templates?

On the right you find an overview of the best ranked templates, some links to other good sites for exceltemplates and a tagcloud with keywordlinks to articles belonging to it.

You need a special template? Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to blogs@edvart.de. Maybe I can help!

Download excel-template with Microsoft Internet Explorer

This paragraph is for users of the internet-explorer. I don’t know why, but this browser have a problem with dowloading xls-. xlsx and xltx-files directly. The browser make a zip of it, and extracting it makes some strange code with no excel-file in it. So please download the zip-fie instead!

What is an exceltemplate?

You can make templates out of excel and every other office-program from Microsoft. The difference to a normal file is, when You open a template-file the original file is safe and won’t be changed. It is just the same as opening an excel-file (xlsx) and saving is under another name. When You use a template even newbies aren’t able to delete an existing excel-file 🙂

By the way exceltemplates are within excel already. When You start excel there is an overview from templates. Some are included and some are online. They are free – just try it out!

Here is a tutorial to show You how:

Where do I find other Excel-templates?

Here are some links to other sites with nice templates – most of them for free, too:

Can I make my own Excel-template?

Sure – here is a short video of “how to make an Excel-template”: