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On this site, nearly 100 excel-templates can be downloaded for free. The range of application is private or for business. Take the advantage of an Excel template, well-designed and ready for use. Just open it, fill out with your data, done!

For personal use the budget planner, the weekly rota, the monthly calendar 2024 or annual calendar 2024 is very interesting. The timekeeping calendar is also very popular.

For Your business, time is money: Try out the invoice template, the interest calculator, the vacation-planner 2024 or the receipt-template as an excel template. And have a look at the cashbook template – it’s hot 😉

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Header for article: "Match schedule European Championship 2024 in Germany" European Championship Match Schedule 2024 - In this article you will find the European Championship match schedule for 2024 as an Excel file and as a PDF. How does the match schedule for Euro 2024 in Germany work? As always, it’s very simple: download either the PDF or Excel file at the end of the article. You can print out the ...

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Header for article: "Vacation planner 2025 with excel template" Vacation Planner Excel Template for 2025 - For 2025 I present a free vacation planner for smaller companies and employees. In the fast-paced world of business, ensuring the well-deserved vacations of your hardworking employees are managed efficiently is crucial. That’s why I’ve taken the initiative to create a specialized vacation planner tailored to the needs of diligent professionals like you, who are ...

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Header for article "Weekly Calendar 2025 Excel Template" Weekly Calendar for 2025 Excel Template - In contrast to the usual calendars based on months or years, this weekly calendar for 2025 offers enough space to record in detail everything you want to do in the respective calendar week. In addition, all important holidays such as Columbus Day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc. are already included. The only way to go into ...

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Header for post: Excel Template Survey and Questionnaire Excel Template Survey & Questionnaire - There are numerous areas of application for a questionnaire that can be created using an Excel template. In this article, we provide an employee questionnaire, a customer survey form and an event feedback form. Questionnaire for the employee survey template The following questions are asked in this questionnaire. The answers can be rated from 1 ...

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Banner for article "real estate management with excel" Excel Real Estate Management - Manage your real estate portfolio with ease using our user-friendly template. This comprehensive tool allows you to effortlessly track essential property information, ensuring organized and streamlined property management. Key Features: Benefits: Screenshots of the Excel real estate management template Copy this spreadsheet for another property, so you have one spreadsheet for each real estate. Download ...

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What is an Excel template?

You can make templates out of excel and every other office-program from Microsoft. The difference to a normal file is, when You open a template-file the original file is safe and won’t be changed. It is just the same as opening an excel-file (xlsx) and saving is under another name. When You use a template even newbies aren’t able to delete an existing excel-file 🙂

By the way exceltemplates are within excel already. When You start excel there is an overview from templates. Some are included and some are online. They are free – just try it out!

Here is a tutorial to show You how:

Where do I find other Excel templates?

Here are some links to other sites with nice templates – most of them for free, too:

Can I make my own Excel-template?

Sure – here is a short video of “how to make an Excel-template”: