World Cup 2022 Schedule

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This late fall, a special event is on the horizon: the 2022 World Cup! This time it will be held in Qatar – quite controversial, but that’s not the point here. In this article, you will find the World Cup schedule for 2022 as an Excel file and as a PDF. How does the match …

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Password Generator

Surely you haven’t missed out on the fact that meanwhile everything possible is to be secured with a password. And of course it must always be a new one, so that in the event of a data leak, hackers cannot log on to other services with the password they got.

Who makes the mistake and chooses a password, which appears in the following list, should not be surprised if his account is hacked.

Here are the Top-19 in 2022:

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Video-Tutorials For Excel

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Excel is still an integral part of professional life. Although there are some other online tools for collecting and analyzing data, Excel will still play a role.

So if you want to expand and develop your knowledge of Excel, these video tutorials from Udemy and Youtube will probably help you.

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Gift Certificate

Now Christmas is already around the corner and I thought that a voucher template in Excel is perhaps even feasible . And indeed , if you load an image in the header of an Excel sheet , it is automatically displayed on the whole page in the background . Although Excel does have a background-image-function, but this shows the image only during editing and not in the putput of the printer ! Well , the Excel-template with a voucher , which I offer here for free download, contains definitely a coupon text that is customizable . The word Certificate and the framework around it , however, is in the background image and is thus fixed .

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Yahtzee Excel Template

Why should we almost always use Excel for boring things like invoices, expense reports or plans? Why should we not try to entertain ourselves with such games as Yahtzee, for example? That’s what I was thinking about when I watched my some people close to me playing the dice game Yahtzee on the lakeshore. Today …

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