Budget-Planner for College Students

College has almost started and so I had the idea to make a budget-planner for college-students with an excel-template.

My own studies are long ago and everything seems to be more expensive now. No good news for parents who want to support their children with payments for the college. But how much does it really cost? What expenses are there?

Now you can download the budget-planner for students and fill out everything what is necessary for the living of your kid. I don’t think I’ve listed all the expenses. Some are individual and different (like for instance medicine or health insurance), some I just forgot.

When you fill out the list and make adjustments to it, don’t forget to be a little bit negative. Maybe the costs will be higher as you think or expect. It would be bad, if you realise it to late..

Screenshot from the budget-planner for students

Budget-planner for college-students
Budget-planner for college-students

Download the budget-planner for college here

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