Mortgage Excel-Template

This excel-template calculates your mortgage. Just fill out the left side on top of table and the rest will calculated automatically.

For everyone planning to buy a house or flat, this is a really important calculation. Don’t be to optimistic with your financial income. What if you lose your job, what if you have to sell the house because you have to move to another place because of your work? To do you have some extra-money for some unexpected repairs? Don’t forget, that you might need some money for an illness or operation. What about making holidays or paying the college for the children.

There are many aspects that should be respected – but to be honest – an own house is fantastic 🙂

So here is the Excel-Template for the mortgage calculation.

Screenshot of the mortgage calculation

Mortgage-Calculation with an excel-template
Mortgage-Calculation with an excel-template

Download the excel-template with the mortgage-calculation

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