Personal Budget Planner Microsoft Excel Template

In this week’s free Excel template, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite templates, namely the Personal Budget Planner. It has a clean and stylish and modern look with a very easy to use interface to do one of the most important, in cases worst handled, tasks.

The perfect appearance makes this free Microsoft Excel template a treat for the eye, so you could look at it just for the fun of seeing it! In addition to that, it’ll provide you with a nice overview of a month’s income, expenses, and savings.

Have a peek at the nice charts of the Personal Budget Planner Excel template:

Excel Template Personal Budget Planner
Excel Template Personal Budget Planner

To get the charts showing relevant data, you have to fill 3 tables in this Excel template. The table and what they do are as follows:

  • Monthly Income: Here you will enter each income you receive during the month separately. It is paramount to enter accurate and relevant data to avoid miss calculations later on.
  • Monthly Expenses: This table is the exact opposite of the Monthly Income table, but the rules are the same. Keep it accurate.
  • Monthly Savings: Here you enter any extra money you were able to save during the month.

Have a peek at the tables of Personal Budget Calculator Excel Template:

Personal Budget Planner Excel Template Tables

If you are one of those who are surprised at the end of the month of how much they’ve spent on some “trivial” things, I suggest you give this neat free Excel template a try.

Download your free Excel template “Personal Budget Planner” here

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