Weekly Calendar for 2024 Excel Template

In contrast to the usual calendars based on months or years, this weekly calendar for 2024 offers enough space to record in detail everything you want to do in the respective calendar week.

In addition, all important holidays such as Columbus Day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc. are already included.

The only way to go into even more detail is with a daily planner, where you can write a page for each day.

If you are looking for a rough overview, you can find my monthly calendar for 2024 here.

Contrary to the monthly or even yearly calendar, a weekly planner is much more detailed and one never loses the overview of all things that have to or want to be planned and considered.

How does the weekly calendar work with Excel?

As always, using this weekly calendar is very simple. First download the desired version in the download area. The calendar is available as an Excel file (.XLSX) or as a PDF file.

If you choose the Excel version, you have the option of maintaining your calendar directly digitally in the spreadsheet program of your choice. For example, open the file with MS Excel and enter your important dates accordingly. Save this afterward and you can always refer back to it. You can even store it in a cloud and open it from anywhere, provided you have internet access.

In this case, it would also be conceivable to share it with other people.

Of course, you can also simply print out the Excel version and fill it in by hand.

If you are not at all familiar with Excel, you can choose the PDF version and simply print out the weekly calendar. Unfortunately, you can only make entries in a PDF file on your computer with special programs. On a Mac, “PDF Expert“* always helps me.

Preview of the weekly calendar

Here is a screenshot and a real picture of the 2024 Excel calendar, so you can see if it is the “right” one for you:

Screenshot of the weekly calendar 2024
Weekly planner 2024 excel template (preview)

If this template is too comprehensive for you, you can also use the permanent week calendar. This covers only one week. There one enters above the date for the appropriate week by hand. You can find this calendar here: https://www.excel-template.net/weekly-rota-with-excel/

Download section of the weekly calendar 2024

Here you can download the Excel and PDF file:

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Download both files (Excel & PDF) here.

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