Telephone Notes as Excel Template

A few days ago somebody asked me for a telehone-notes-template. Thanks for that hint! I could swear I did that template already, but I didn’t.

How does the template work?

So here we go with a telephone message template. It is free and easy to handle. Just download it, open with Excel or Adobe Reader (PDF) and print it. Now you can put that sheet right to your phone and you won’t forget about what to ask during the phone-call.

Screenshot of the telephone-note-template

Telephone Note Message with Excel
Telephone Note Message with Excel

Download the telephone-note template for free

Here you find this template in different file formats (.xlsx, .xltx, .pdf and zip).

If you like my templates, I’m looking forward to a little donation 🙂

Other templates for telephone notes found online

Some websites with hints for making better phone-calls

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