Password-List for Excel

A reader of the newsletter asked me for an Excel template for the collection of passwords for the numerous websites, which now demand all name and password.

Since you can easily lose the overview.

For those who do not want to work with Excel, there are also ways to manage the passwords through a browser extension.

In the normal version, LastPass is recommended. This is free and easy to set up in the browser. Just create an account and get started:

For professional handling I recommend 1Password. Here you install a stand-alone program, which can be used to manage all passwords:

  • Credit card information,
  • notes
  • Passwords and
  • Software licenses.

A generator for the creation of passwords is also on board. Of course, there is also an extension that integrates directly into the browser. Unfortunately this tool costs something. I was lucky to get a normal license with a one-time payment. Meanwhile, the company relies on monthly fees of $ 2.99.
(Why does every company have to switch to this type of payment?) 🙁

Since passwords are normally not to be encrypted as files in the computer, it is advisable to encrypt the file. Why? Because more and more computers are being spyed by viruses or Trojans. An open file with passwords is an ideal gateway for even more damage!

So if you later load your Excel template, save it with encryption. On the one hand via the encryption of Microsoft Excel, on the other hand by protection with Windows Bitlocker. See the following list for instructions.

Here is an overview of the best password managing software.

But now go to the actual Excel template for a list of passwords.

Have a look at the screenshot of the password-list exceltemplate

Log your passwords with this excel-list
Log your passwords with this excel-list

Download the password-log template for free

Here you find this template in different file formats (.xlsx, .xltx, zip and pdf). 

If you like my templates, I’m looking forward to a little donation 🙂

Some other hints or templates for saving passwords:

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