Timekeeping with an excel-template

Everyone knows how important it is to record working time. Employees and employers need to know how much they have worked and when. Of course, the breaks must also be recorded.
This is exactly what this Excel template for recording working time will help you with.

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How does the template work?

It is very easy to use – just download and open it with Excel or OpenOffice and fill it out: Arrival time, end-of-work-time and breaks – the net-time will be calculated automatically.

That’s it. Alternatively, you can just print the template and fill it out by hand. However, you will then have to make the calculations yourself.

Have a look at the screenshot of the timekeeping-template

Screenshot of the excel-timesheet
Screenshot of the excel-timesheet

Download the Excel timekeeping template for free

Here you may find this template in different file formats (.xlsx, .xltx, and zip).

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Here is another spreadsheet with a time sheet on our site.

Other useful sources for timekeeping templates

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