Simplify Your Club’s Budgeting Process with Our Easy-to-Use Excel Template

Managing a club’s finances can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a clear plan or budget in place. But fear not, because we have just the solution for you! Introducing our free Excel budget template that will help you master your club’s finances and take control of your budget. Our template is easy to use and customizable to fit your specific needs and goals.

The template presented here offers numerous functions that are useful for your club management:

The following 5 spreadsheets are offered in this article:

  1. Budget Overview: On the first worksheet, you will find an overview of all income and expenses. If you like, you can also add planned income and expected expenses to get an evaluation of positive or negative.
  2. Dues Entry: The second worksheet serves both as a membership list and to record dues payments. Write the membership fee in the column of the month when it was credited to the association account. The total is automatically formed and entered on worksheet “Budget”.
  3. Donations: The third worksheet, “Donations,” is structured the same as the contributions. Since fewer donations are to be expected, there are not so many rows. An automatic listing and totaling is also done here.
  4. Store revenue: Some clubs generate revenue from sales in your store or online commerce. You can enter these here.
  5. Expenses: In the last worksheet, all typical expenses are recorded. Under Miscellaneous 1, 2, 3 you can enter additional expenses.

Table of Contents

Club Budget Overview

Club Budget Overview with Excel Template
Screenshot of the Club Budget Overview with Excel Template

The fields “Actual” and “Difference” are automatically taken from the values in the other worksheets. So please do not change or delete anything here.

In the column “till date” the date of processing is entered (by hand). Depending on how far the year has progressed, the planned values (in the column next to it) will of course change. You have to fill these manually, if you want a meaningful current evaluation. Of course, you can also enter the annual values.

Recording of the dues of all members of the association

Membership dues managed by Excel
Screenshot of spreadsheet “Dues for 2023”

In this worksheet you have to enter all members at the beginning. In addition, the membership fee and for each month the contribution actually received.

The totals are calculated automatically.

Since it may have many members, the template is very long and has a fixed table header.

Recording of all donations for the club

Similar to the dues, you can enter all donations here. The totaling is done automatically.

Recording of all Donations for the club with Excel
Donations in 2023 for the association

Store income of the association

If you own a store or an online-shop, you can enter additional revenue here.

Store revenue in 2023 for the club
Screenshot of the spreadsheet “Store Revenue in 2023”

Expenses of the association

Club expenses in 2023
Calculate all expenses with Excel

Unfortunately, there are also expenses; you can enter them here. The final values of each line are automatically transferred to the budget overview page.

Download of the club budget template for Excel

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