Trip Planner – Summer Break MS Excel Template

The Trip Planner (Summer Break) free MS Excel template is a specialized trip planner template that is tailored for a summer break. Whether you are a group of friends or a family, if you plan to go to the sea, surfing, or sailing, the Trip Planner (Summer Break) Excel template will make planning fun and easy. It helps you estimate the costs and avoid surprises.

Needless to mention that this free MS Excel template is as always print-ready.

Have a peek at screenshots from the Trip Planner – Summer Break Excel Template:

How it Works:

This free Trip Planner Excel Workbook lets you enter the length of the trip (in days) and the total number of travelers and calculates the total trip costs and the cost per person based on the details you enter into its fields.

The broad categories for the costs are as follows:

  • Gasoline
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Entertainment

To calculate the total gasoline costs, you need to enter the estimated total miles, the average miles per gallon, the average cost per gallon, and the total vehicles. For airfare costs, you need to enter the estimated cost per person and the rental car costs. To enable the workbook to calculate the costs for meals, you need to enter the estimated cost per meal and the number of meals per day. For calculating the lodging costs, you need to provide the average cost per night, total nights, and total rooms. You can also add costs like valet service (per day) and internet service (per day). The last item is the most important one, namely Entertainment: Here you can add concert costs, boat rental costs (this is actually what we like to do in the summer break), and more.

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