Easy and Beautiful Family Budget Planner

There are a lot of solutions out there that help, or claim to help, a family to plan ahead and not only plan a better budget with their income, but also save and invest a little bit more. But the truth is that not all families need some extravagant budget planner that need at leas 1 month to learn. An easy to use free Excel Template can be of great help, when fast learning curves and a minimalist’s convenience are what is need most.

Therefore, we have put together the Family Budget Planner free Excel template for you to just enjoy its clean and clutter free interface and have some fun when planning your next budget.

Have a peek at the Family Budget Excel Template:

Family Budget Planner
Family Budget
Cash Flow
Cash Flow
Income and Expenses
Income and Expenses

How to use the Family Budget Planner Excel Template

The Family Budget Planner Excel template consists of one chart and 3 tables. This is how they work:

1- The Chart helps you to have an overview of your projected and actual income, expenses and the overall cash flow. It derives its data from the following tables.

2- Cash Flow table is updated automatically base on what you insert into the monthly income and monthly expense tables. It shows you your total income and expense and the variance between what you’ve projected and what you’ve actually earned and spent.

3- Monthly Income table is where you enter the details of all your monthly projected and actual income.

4- Monthly Expense table is where you have to painstakingly enter all the good money you’ve spend over the month on different things. If you keep this table up to date and accurate, you’ll have good end results that’ll help you plan a better budget for next month.

Download your free Excel template “Family Budget Planner” here

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